5 National Food Days People Celebrate

Food has now become the most celebrated things in our society, and to highlight its importance, we have several days that are dedicated to celebrating it. We all love food and want to experience different types of edibles from other countries, and this is why food festivals and national days are celebrated all over the world. 

Some foods like pizzas, burgers, and fish and chips have become staples of certain cities and when tourists go to visit them, their experience is almost incomplete without tasting these signature dishes. This is why we say that food is an important part of the culture and is celebrated across different regions. 

A lot of variations are available too, thanks to the age of the internet that has spread a lot of awareness. So let low cost essay take you through some of the national food days that foodies globally recognize and indulge in every year.

National Pie Day

Now the beginning of the year is rather a slow one because you are wrapping festivities like Christmas and New Year and then, along with it, there are winters or other celebrations associated with December. Overall, it is a happy time, so when we transcend into January, everything is getting back to normal and you are in the mood for something that can lift your spirits. 

This is why National Pie Day is celebrated on January 23rd. The only downside is that a lot of people swear to eat healthy during New Year but the resolutions are shattered later in January when National Pie Day arrives. Every year restaurants and cafes like Bakers Square, Shari’s and Marie Callender’s prepare the best pies for residents to try, and also give away free slices to everyone who buys from them.

National Pizza Day

With February comes the awaited national food day, that is Pizza Day. Pizza has taken a lot of shape and forms in different cultures, but it originated in Italy. From thin crust to New York style to deep dish pizza, people all over the globe are in love with this fast food. No wonder, it is the most consumed fast food in the world and every year, on February 9th, we remember the day in its full essence. 

Restaurants take up challenges and prepare the best pizzas for their customers and places like Blaze Pizza, Cici’s Pizza, Papa John’s and Postmates are popular for indulging in this day with full enthusiasm. You also get a lot of promo codes and deals like buy one get one free so avail them and enjoy the day. 

National Margarita Day

We don’t even know how this day came about because the origins are not very clear. However, it’s one of the major holidays around the world and several chains, including big hotels, participate in it with great enthusiasm. Abuelo’s, Bahama Breeze, Margaritaville restaurants and Cyclone Anaya’s are famous for being the most interested participants when it comes out preparing the best drink in town. 

These drinks are also available for freebies. In 2021, we do not know how this holiday will come about because usually, you need to visit a bar in order to avail such discounts and offers, and the pandemic means that we are restricted to our houses. 

National Pretzel Day

Now, this holiday has a definite origin, unlike the former one. It was commemorated by the former governor of Pennsylvania who felt that it was necessary to recognize the role pretzels have played in the history of the region. A lot of local beer gardens and international chains like Auntie Anne’s and Philly Pretzel Factory participate in it by producing this sugary delight for the customers. 

Usually, people prefer these items in the morning as breakfast and we need to recognize the role of breakfast in making our day sustainable enough for us to survive. The day is celebrated on April 26th, and if you are in Penn during that time, get ready to indulge in the pretzel of a lifetime!

National hamburger Day

Summers already means that we get our grills out and start inviting guests over for mini party sessions in the backyard. We just need some meat, alcohol, and guests to make our evening memorable, especially with Memorial Day right around the corner. This day is celebrated on May 28th, as hamburgers form a crucial part of the history of a lot of countries. 
After pizza, it is also one of the most famous fast foods of all time. You can visit restaurants like BurgerFi and White Cycle on this day to avail delicious discounts. As during May this year, we were still adhering to the stay-at-home orders due to the virus, a lot of restaurants provided free hamburgers via home delivery.

So which holiday is your favorite and why? Let us know.

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