Reasons Why You Should Buy a Kindle

When Amazon introduced Kindle, many avid readers were not able to bring themselves towards adapting this new medium of reading. But with time, many readers slowly started to give this device a chance. Although they still have their library of physical books, they carry a Kindle with them for the many benefits it offers. 

If you are fond of reading, here are some reasons why you should consider purchasing a Kindle:

It offers convenience to the book lovers

One of the main reasons why you should consider purchasing a Kindle is because of how handy it is. Its size and weight are perfect for holding. Those who can’t go to sleep at night without reading something can read Kindle in bed without disturbing your partner snoring beside you. You can also adjust the font size according to what works best for you. The Kindle is every bit of convenience you want in an EBook reader. 

All your books can be accessible in one place

Having a Kindle is like having access to your very own portable, personalized library, with the option to stack as many books as you like. You can browse between novel to cross-reference or go back to an old favorite. Your e-reader gives you the advantage of not being able to misplace your books, whether at your friend’s house or your grandma’s house. With having a Kindle to carry everywhere around, you can ensure you’re not leaving behind any of your precious books.


Are you running out of space on your bookshelf? This is a dilemma every book-lover is familiar with. Although it looks lovely to have your own collection of hardcover books, the fact is they take up a lot of physical space. Having a Kindle is an efficient way to save on space without having to worry about managing the books. Your e-reader can hold a multitude of books, which otherwise would be impossible to do with physical books.

Best Travel Companion

When you are travelling and can only carry a limited number of books, it can be hard to narrow down to a couple of your favorites. A kindle can solve this dilemma. Apart from the fact that you can carry your entire collection of books, this lightweight and small e-reader will make it easier for you to carry it around wherever you go. 


As an avid reader who is constantly on the hunt for a good book, you know you have to set aside a good amount of your money for your passion. It can cost a bundle if you frequently purchase hardcover and paperback editions. Comparatively, if you purchase the Kindle version, you will find most of the books to be considerably cheaper. An added bonus is not having to spend on shipping cost when you purchase from Kindle. Although you will have to make a one-time investment in purchasing the Kindle, in the long run, it will turn out to be cost-effective. 

Access to free of charge E-Books

Once you purchase a Kindle, you will not necessarily have to spend money to build your library. You can have access to a huge collection of books entirely free of cost. These books include self-published books as well as classics. Also, you have the option to sample novels before purchasing them.

Share with family and friends  

If any of your friends and family members have an Amazon account, you can lend them books from your e-reader without having any worries about not having the book returned to you. Kindle allows you to loan a book until a certain date. During that time, you will not be able to access that book. However, once the pre-determined period is over, that book will automatically be returned to you. 

Excellent tool to improve your vocabulary

Don’t you just hate it when you come across an unknown word and have to stop to look it up in the dictionary? Well, not anymore! With Kindle as your e-reader, you can have access to an in-built New Oxford American Dictionary where you will be provided with the definitions of words on the spot.

You can use it for studying purposes

Rather than purchasing expensive textbooks, you can make use of your Kindle to buy eBooks at a nominal rate. The device also allows you to take notes and highlight important points.    

Once you have purchased a Kindle, you may find yourself completely engrossed in it. At one point, you may find yourself falling behind your assignments. The best way would be to hire the help of a cheap essay writing service so you can continue with your book without worrying about your deadlines. 

Happy reading! 

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